About The Author

I began writting Children's books back in 2019. My first story "Steve's Stinky Socks" was the result of trying to come up with a Christmas gift for the abundant number of great nephews and nieces that my siblings had a hand in providing.

The actual story started back almost two decades earlier however, after picking up the three stepsons from their dads house and beginning the usual 2 hour drive home. To keep them occupied, I conjured up a game where we would all make up a story and the best storyteller got an extra treat on the trip home. I won with the story of a young boy named Steve who had feet so large that no shoes would fit him. The story just stuck in my head after that.

The story took me about 45 minutes to write. Tom Palomares was able to illustrate the story in 20 days and my first Christmas book was completed. My co-workers encoraged me to get published which was done in 2020. After that, the stories became an annual event with "Frank's Frantic Festival" for 2020, and "Sam's Spectacular Sled" in 2021.

Barbara Rodriquez has taken over the job of illustration for "Hanks Horrible Hiccups" in 2022 and "Gus Gets Gas" is currently undergoing illustrations for 2023. This incredible artist has brought these books to life with more expression and details. Thanks Barbara. .

My thanks go out to my co-workers, family and friends that have helped me in this endeavor. From finding illustrators to correcting my grammar and helping with story lines.

About the Illustrator

Barbara (RoDoodle) Rodríguez is a freelance illustrator, storyboarder and character designer with a love for fantastical stories. You can find more of her work at her Instagram.