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You have reached the entry portal into the imagination of Harry; a somewhat eccentric storyteller who believes that a good tale should be entertaining and humorous and hopefully invites the readers into life's discussions.  

My hope is that you will delve into the delightful stories that are available and find a treasure trove of both laugher, suspense and
enjoyment that you can experience time and time again with children.

Steve's Story

Steve's story started about 25 years ago with as a contest with my stepsons.   On the ride home we regaled each other with stories from our imaginations.  My story of of a little boy with huge feet that was bullied and ignored and yet saved his fellow villagers from starving stuck in
my mind and found its voice as a gift to my great nephews and nieces for Christmas 2019.  During the writing and illustration phases I had
many people from the office tell me what a great story it was and if they would be able to get a copy of the story at some point.  

Well Steve and his Stinky Socks are now just waiting for you at to order at:

Amazon.com  & FriesenPress.com 

You can also get a preview of "Steve's Stinky Socks" on YouTube.com.

"Steve's Stinky Socks" is a great bedtime story to share with your children. 


 What folks saying about Steve's Stinky Socks

A fun story with a message that children will love.  Steve learns to turn a fault into an advantage that helps his community.  If only all of us could look at the bright side of weaknesses and find strength in them instead.  A great message for young and old alike.  The fanciful illustrations bring lighthearted humour to the message.

Sandra McRae
Learning Facilitator, Durham College, Oshawa

I enjoyed reading Steve’s Stinky Socks by Harry Binnendyk and illustrated by Tom Palomares. This book will be popular with children for its funny and readable story line, good use of primary vocabulary, and lively illustrations.

René Schmidt, 
author of Leaving Fletchville, Orca Books and Canadian Disasters, Scholastic Canada   

Steve’s Stinky Socks children’s book is a delightful approach to life; that of making the best out of a challenging situation, not only for an individual but in the end how it benefited the whole community.  It challenges us to look beyond, there may be a bigger picture and see how good can come! 

Nell VanDewark (mom of 6 who are now married (so 11) and parenting 9 grandchildren ...  so far)
Edmonton, AB

Franks Frantic Festival

After writing "Steve's Stinky Socks" as a Christmas gift for my great nephews and nieces I had a number of co-workers help to proof read the initial story.   They loved the story of Steve and their first question was "Do you have some another story?"  Another?  I had not even thought I had single story in me and already they wanted to know if I had a another story.  Well,  apparently I did.  Those request started the ole wheels spinning in the imagination machine and shortly after that a crazy idea for a story popped out.  A story about a young boy looking for some adventure in his life who sneaks off with a broken wand out of the local wizards shop and when he tries to actually use it begins a series of misadventures that has him and his best friend desperately trying to avoid being on the main menu of the villages BIG BBQ extravaganza. 



Coming 2022 - Sams Spectacular Sled

During the Christmas holidays of 2020, as I was walking out through the park behind me I met a couple of young brothers eagerly waiting for their dad to pull out some sleds to begin a sledding adventure.  It reminded me of the winter adventures that my family and I experienced way back on the farm in Oro, Ontario.  "Steve's Spectacular Sled" is a story of two brothers that love the winter and sledding.  But growing up on the prairies creates some challenges for the brothers to experience the full enjoyment of a speeding sled over a white crisp blanket of snow.  So Steve and his brother use their imagination to find new and faster ways to propel their sledding dreams to hilarious and inevitable consequences in their quest for that superior sledding  experience.   Looking back at the story, I'm unsure if it is Steve's story or an autobiography of my siblings and my crazy exuberant times from the farm .   "Steve's Spectacular Sled" should make you smile while you look back your own childhood as you tell your kids "Don't you ever do that."  

Steve and his brother along with the sled is currently in the Illustration phase. 
We expect to see the Illustrations completed by the end of the summer.
The publishing process starting in either late fall of 2021 or early spring 2022.

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